Suffolk Punch 35s not starting

Hello all -
i purchased a second hand suffolk punch 35s petrol lawnmower a few
months ago. - It's been a great mower though currently it's stopped
working/firing over. thought maybe it was because i added old fuel - so
i drained this out and put new petrol in - and still nothing. Its
sparking so seems strange - I also cleaned out the carburettor but no
success. - this wasn't the the best solution - but i took the spark plug
out - put a thimble of petrol in where the spark plug goes - spark plug
back in and pulled - and it worked and fired up for 5-7 seconds but then
died out. Seems to be a fuel blockage? - but i've tried all avenues
with no success or noticeable blockages - would appreciate and advice
you could give an amateur Best regards Parkie.
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