Suffolk Punch 35s Problem

Im having a problem with my suffolk punch lawnmower. Initially it
wouldn't start but now after a little fiddling I have managed to do
this. However, now when it is running and I put it to full throttle its
doesn't really make a blind bit of difference. Also I have to leave the
choke completely off to allow it to run. I let it sit and idle for a
while and I cut off the fuel supply from the tank and hey presto! It
started to run really fast and I could cut the grass, but obviously it
was going to run out of fuel sharpish so I re-opened the fuel line to
the Carb and the engine died down again to idle.
Does anyone have any ideas? I really dont want to go ripping it apart
and later finding it was something really simple.
Many thanks
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sounds like the needle valve in the carburettor is sticking open letting too much fuel into the engine. You can remove the float bowl without taking the carb off fully and try to remove the float and needle. It will be tricky unless you tip the whole thing upside down. I used to have one of these machines. I ended up going through two carbs and then decided to scrap it because it cost too much to repair.
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