petrol lawn mower wont start help!

hi, im a newbie to this forum so please bare with me if i've put this in
the wrong section SORRY!
okay well, my petrol lawn mower wont start.
-i drained out all the petrol and put some new petrol in and nothing
-the petrol goes past the fuel filter and to the next fuel line but
doesnt go past the carb?
-i took the fuel lines off the one that goes into the carb n pull
started it a few times n put the fuel line back on. once i done that the
engine sounded better like it wanted to start. but still nothing
-the spark plug is totally dry no petrol on it at all!
-last time it was started, roughly 2 weeks ago
can anyone help me please!?
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Disassemble and clean the carb then reassemble. If that sounds like more than you can do, take it to a repair shop.
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As Art says, You have a blockage in your carburettor and the only way to fix it properly is to take it apart but if you've never done this before you run the inherant risk of loose parts that may fall out when you open it up and cause yourself more problems. If your unsure, best to take it to a specialist repairer for sonic cleaning.
There is a way to cheat but its going to leave a bad taste in your mouth.... literally!!!
**Please only use the following steps if you understand the risks assossiated with petrol & the inhalation of petrol fumes. I accept no responsibilty for injury, permanent damage or death caused to you by the follwing steps!!!!**
With everything aasembled as it should be, take the petrol tank cap off and wrap your hands around the neck of the tank where the cap screws on. Place your cheeks on to your hands to form a seal and blow as hard as you can in to the petrol tank. This will pressurise the fuel system and "should" dislodge any blockage.
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You could maybe try removeing the exhaust as carbon build up can keep compression in the pull process
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That is just plain bad advice and won't do any good at all. If it's a float/needle style carb then you'd have to be able to blow over 7lb of pressure to get anymore fuel in the bowl and I can't see how that's going to dislodge any blockage in a jet since the float bowl is vented.
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Sorry Art, I didnt realise that this type of problem (or indeed this users exact problem) was exclusive to a needle jet blockage!!!!!!! At this time of year I would estimate that only approx 80% of these problem are down to old, stale / congealed fuel as opposed to a piece of dirt lodged in the jet.... and this IS a tried and tested method of both mine and many other operators who are using a machine for the first time after a winter of neglect despite your technical master class on the reasons why it wont!
If this should fail however, just spray some choke /
carb cleaner in to the carb via the air filter housinig (with the choke open or in the normal run position on your throttle control) quickly pull back the throttle control to the choke position and start the engine. If the engine keeps running after it has burnt off the carb cleaner then you should have solved your problem. If it quickly dies however, then as Art so helpfully states, you have a blockage in the needle jet which will require the carb stripping and cleaning.
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