Lawn mower wont start..

I had an old push mower that I decided to repair. It's a Briggs and Stratton 11a-034e729.
It's been sitting for years, and wouldn't start. Replaced the spark plug, air filter, and old gas. Tried to start it today and it worked long enough to get the back yard done. I turned it off to bring it around to the front and then it would only work off the primer.
I decided to clean out the carburetor. Took it all apart, cleaned it out and noticed the bottom of the gas tank had rusted over. I got that all cleaned out and put it back together.. now when I try to start it I get a weird spinning metal sound? I've tried googling and all the results were having to do wtih people that hit stuff and their blade was grinding something.. It's not my blade. Pretty sure the sound is coming from the engine.. just clueless at this point.
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.. Would love to know how to fix this or if I simply missed something putting it back together.
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Remove engine cover and look at the flywheel (mounted on top of the driveshaft on top of engine), it has a couple of embedded magnets which may have come loose, or the shear key between the drive shaft and the flywheel may be partially sheared from the blade previously striking a hard object (this throws off timing). LoL
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You can fix it easy.redo the things youve done and turn the engen over as you go .replace the diafram in the carb.look at the shear pin on the crankshaft.take the big nut off under the rewinder dogs.check gap on coil . clean screen on carb pickup.good luck
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