Lawn Mower Engine Help (petrol)

Hi Guys
I have recently bought a 2nd hand petrol lawnmower, its a partner 146.
The problem is with the engine which is a Briggs and stratton quantum
35. Basically when i got it the housing which holds the air filter was
full of oil, i cleaned it up and did the first cut of the year with the
same air filter. I received my new filter, and when i took out the old
air filter, it was soaked in oil again. Is this just due to the filter
being clogged or is there too much oil in the mower. I don't see how it
can get in there! I've put in the new filter but haven't turned it over
yet as i don't want to wreck the new filter.
Thanks in advance
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sorry, i have no experience with that particular mower.
yes, it could be too much oil. what does the dipstick read when you check it? have you ever changed the oil? perhaps you refilled with too much?
if you tip it when you clean out underneath if you tip it the wrong way that might flood the air filter with oil.
so perhaps you tipped it at some point?
hard to say from here what you've done or tried.
check the clean filter after your first mowing next season and see what it looks like.
you can always clean many air filters with a good solvent (i've used gasoline). just be careful with matches, sparks and only do it outside or in a well ventilated place. and if that doesn't work then replace it...
good luck,
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One would think he'd have checked that instead of asking. How would anyone here know if his mower was overfilled with oil? The other obvious problem is he just mowed his lawn for the first cut of the season. Isn't it still winter in the UK?
Being a suspected troll, anything is possible.
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