O T: Suffolk 75G14 Petrol Lawn Mower

I posted to uk.rec.gardening but not had any replies
I have just been given a Suffolk 75G14 petrol lawn mower that has sat in a
dry garage for about 11 years without any use at all.
I have not done anything with it yet apart from pull the starter cord a
couple of times to see if there is any compression. There is, but I realise
that's no indication it will work.
Could someone please let me know what the spark plug gap should be and also
the points gap.
Any other help that you could offer would be gratefully appreciated.
Jim G
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Plug gap probably 0.4-0.5mm. Points gap, don't know but perhaps similar. Check that they are not pitted and spin it over to ensure that they make/break. You may also like to check the fuel system. If it wasn't drained and run dry before being put into storage you may find the carb gummed up with sticky old petrol. Simple matter of clearing out the crud, but be careful not to enlarge any jets. I recently took a Qualcast Suffolk Punch 43S out of storage, after about 20 years. A little fuel and it started immediately. A shameless plug, said lawwnmower is now on Ebay. Item no: 160826791215
HTH Nick.
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It's a 4-stroke so it runs on petrol. There's a sump with a dipstick (or some way of seeing if there's "enough") if you look hard. Don't run it without checking that it has oil.
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