Suffolk Punch 30s 1991 Dellorto Carb - Rough Idle

Recently aquired a 30s from around 1991 with a Dellorto carb that was
non working til i renewed the spark plug and now it starts every time
but runs very lumpy/rough to the point it's almost like its banging. I
have temporarily cut off the fuel filter in the tank as it was blocked,
decoked head, changed the spark plug and cap with NGK, air filter fine,
only two adjustable screws on carb so gently wound in then out 2 turns
for both. I read somewhere that the governor if the wire connecting it
to the throttle is in the wrong hole that can cause problems but it only
seems to go in the hole that doesnt have the return spring in due to the
wire hitting the electrical connector on the inlet manifold.
I can take some pics later and will upload a youtube of how rough it
runs. Just to add I am able to rev the engine ok.
Did a video if it tonight
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