Lawn flattened by builders

Hello everyone!
Totally new here, gardening amateur looking forward to the Spring..
Have had some builders leave a lot of building rubbish on our lawn from
some work are having done.
Lots of heavy bags of rubble, placed on big planks of wood, smothering
our lawn.
Now its gone - I can see that where there was once lush grass, now is
flat mush.
Pictures attached. Given it is March - what should I do? Seed? Agitate?
Any help graciously received and massively appreciated.
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First issue is what you'd be satisified with. If you want a uniform appearance across the whole thing, then you need to either:
1 - know what grass is there and get seed that is the same or similar.
2 - kill what's left and reseed the whole thing or lay turf.
You can overseed the whole thing with suitable grass seed, but you'll still probably have areas that don't look exactly the same. How important that is, that's up to you.
If you go the killing it route, you can either cover it with opaque plastic or similar for a few weeks, or use glyphosate/Roundup.
Then rough up the surface with a rake, reseed with appropriate high quality seed mix. Keep constantly moist until it starts growing, then slowly back off the water. Lightly covering it with peat moss or similar would aid in keeping in moist, getting good germination.
If you decide to overseed, process is the same, only just rough up the existing grass areas a little bit, not damaging it too much. In either case, apply a starter fertilizer. And checking and adjusting the PH if needed is a good idea too.
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You have problems besides the grass. The raised bed planters against the brick wall is bad! It is holding moisture that is probably seeping into the walls of the house. You can tell by the seepage stains on the boards and the mold on the brick.
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That's a good point. Piling up dirt against the foundation is a very bad idea. It should remain at grade level and slope away.
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