overdosed moss killer?

Hi, I wonder if you can help me
I applied Lawn Feed & Moss Killer granules in hand spreader box to m
70 m2 lawn.
Did my best not to over apply the granules and watered after 2 days.
That was 3-4 weeks ago. Now the grass almost stopped growing and ther
are yellowish stripes which follows the granules spreading pattern.
Looks like I have overdosed it.
What to do now? Is there anything I can apply to remedy that?
Any advice will be apprieciated
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rafal blurted out in alt.home.lawn.garden:
I would keep watering it. Sounds like the nitrogen is burning it up. What temps are it there?
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on 6/8/2008 6:41 AM rafal said the following:
I've never used a moss killer. My way of removing moss is to rake it up, or if it is widespread, by dragging a de-thatcher across it. Best done in early spring, or after a rain (or watering), when the ground is wet.
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[]If the rain doesnt come after applying granules to the lawn th
pellets rest on th eleaf base. The sun comes out and scortches th leaf turning it yellow. either water after application or use a liqui lawn feed. see
formatting link
for liquid and sprayer. It may b the cause. Not sure you can overdose with these pellet feeds unles you go over and over the grass. I would give it a liquid feed onl every two weeks from now. You can try seaweed extract whic willstrengthen the root cell strucure rather than just green it up
-- old perennial
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old perennial

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