outdoor portable water fountain question----power strip

Hi, I have several outdoor water fountains that I made.. I would like
to run all at the same time.. I have power outdoors with 2 outlets.. I
would like to buy a powerstrip and the any required extension cords...
I imagine there must be a special outdoor powerstrip that would be
waterproof?? Can someone give me some info on that?
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Home Depot and Lowes sell an outdoor-rated timer/extension unit with four outlets and a cover to make it waterproof. One version comes with a timer that you can set for on/off times, another version has a photocell to turn things on at dark, then run them for a preset period of time. One model comes with a short cord and a spike so that it can be put into a garden area or moved around; another is intended to be wall-mounted. Because of our heavy summer rains, I built a couple of bird-house sized enclosures to help protect these boxes from the elements.
To do it properly, you probably also want to equip your present outdoor outlet with a special cover that is used when there are items plugged in full time. It's in the electric supply aisle and various styles cost about $10-$15, as I recall. It will keep the GFI or CB from tripping due to water infiltration from rain or sprinklers.
There is also a unit manufactured by Bell that has been in the big-box stores that replaces the standard outdoor box with a weatherproof box and four outlets. I have one in place and it works fine, but I bought it a year ago on closeout sale, and I haven't looked for it (or noticed it) in the stores recently.
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