Outdoor radiant (IR?) heaters - experiences?

We have an outdoor area at the rear of the house which is a wooden deck
with a plastic sloping roof to keep (some of) the rain off.
I say "some of" because the rain is blowing in and almost reaching the
The deck/roof is roughly 2.3 metres deep and 2.5 metres high.
I was contemplating adding some heating to allow us to sit out on cold
clear days so I am looking for advice.
There are weather proof 13 Amp sockets within the area of this veranda.
The obvious solution seems to be IR heaters high up the wall or on the
rafters below the roof.
I've started looking at IR heaters and there is a vast range of prices for
things which look remarkable similar, from around £70 to £300 for 1.5 kW
wall mounted strips.
I am slightly bemused that these trendy modern IR heaters look remarkably
like the electric wall heaters that used to be found in bathrooms, but I
suspect that the same idea is in use - direct heat onto the body instead
of trying to warm the whole room. Just more modern technology in the heat
Do these things work effectively?
The big sod off gas ones found outside pubs do seem to chuck out some
heat, but I am assuming that bottled gas is no cheaper than mains
Free standing might make them also work in the shed but I'm not sure that
will work in practice, and permanently mounted seems a much neater
Dave R
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My advice would be 'don't' <weg> ... put a coat on as it's 'outdoors' and you shouldn't be wasting energy trying to heat anything out there?
I mean, it's not like you *have* to go out there, unlike trying to do some work in a cold workshop and *needing* some heat to be able to function properly?
We were having a meal in a pub garden a while back and it was funny watching the smokers who had come out for a fix, pressing the time delay switches on the IR heaters under the big umbrellas but having to do so several times before getting fed up and going back in again. ;-)
Cheers, T i m
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T i m
For a patio area you can purchase natural gas versions. I read an article that also says many freestanding ones can be jetted for NG.
I have no idea what the rules are with flexible pipes. I'm sure one can be permanently installed too.
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I thought the idea was to heat using *radiation* as opposed to convection and conduction. So you're not heating the air between the heater and the person.
They're used a lot in outdoor workplaces like lorry yards and seemed to work when I've been there.
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Please consider wearing a hat and coat instead. We all waste far too much energy without adding to the waste with more of these ridiculous things.
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Next doors had a gas patio heater, after several windy nights, the climate got its revenge.
Still, save the planet by watching titchy pictures on your phone, not HD on your t\v, lets go back to 640x480
formatting link
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Andy Burns
On Thu, 3 Dec 2020 21:26:57 +0000, Andy Burns snipped-for-privacy@andyburns.uk wrote:
If I hold my phone out in front of me, even at arms length the picture is bigger than our 'main' TV (and it's not a big lounge). ;-)
For a good few years the TV in the bedroom was a very small (like 9") Panasonic mains / 12V CRT jobby and that had a lovely picture (as it should with all 625 lines in such a small space). ;-)
It's funny, I can easier 'forget' I'm watching an old black and white film on a good set than deal with some juddery panning or poor lip sync on a HD blockbuster on a bad one.
Cheers, T i m
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T i m
Why shouldn't he if he can afford it? Why are you always trying to reduce people's free choices?
Funny? Self-righteous smug git!
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I understand there are some seats with heaters inside. These tend to be the ones that hang from a frame and look a bit like an egg with a bit cut out where one sits. Not sure how efficient that idea is, but I guess it keeps your back and bum warm!
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Brian Gaff (Sofa
How do you the OP isn't on a green tariff?
Are you? Don't bother answering if you're not.
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Nor yours, FWIW (unless you're an alias of the OP). The difference is that I was polite and made a positive suggestion. (No reply required)
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On Fri, 4 Dec 2020 01:42:32 +0000, williamwright
Unfortunately the answer involves not being selfish so you wouldn't understand it.
<snip further trolling>
Cheers, T i m
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T i m
Basically Bills view on the world is that if you can afford it, and presumably it's not actually illegal, he / anyone should be allowed to do it, no matter how much it might impact anyone / thing else.
Cheers, T i m
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T i m

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