Lawn idiot needs help

Hi there,
I have a badly maintained lawn that needs some assistance to get back to
I put the lawn in 2 years ago and then injured myself badly enough that
I was unable to do any gardening until now.
I've spent the last two weeks cleaning it up and it looks like this:
formatting link
issues we are having are:
Ground is a bit uneven in places.
Grass grows in clumps (thanks to a female dog that wees on it0 we are
discouraging her from doing it)
Generally poor condition of the grass.
How do I fix this?
Should I be mowing it- or using a strimmer to cut for now?
Should I be fertilising it and putting down some new seed and top soil?
Or just water it and mow it every 2 week?
Thanks people.
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On Apr 24, 11:37=A0am, octatonic wrote:
Big unknown here is what the soil is like. If it's decent soil and the existing grass is OK, not some undesirable crap, then I would:
1 - test PH, adjust if necessary
2 - Rough up the bare spots with a rake or similar
3 - Apply a high quality grass seed suitable for the location
4 - Top dress lightly with peat moss, humus, topsoil, no more than 1/4"
5 - Apply starter fertilizer
6 - Keep it constantly damp, which could require watering for 5 mins few times a day. I'd do the last watering at about 8pm so it stays wet at night. Only do that when establishing new grass, not on an existing lawn during summer, which would promote disease.
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