Evergreen recommendation for Portland, OR (wet, wet, wet)

If you have some recommendations for some plant types for me, that
would be great as I'm not sure what to get. Here are my requirements:
Portland, Oregon.
Evergreen shrub/bush/whatever.
2 to 7 feet tall when full grown.
Partial sun (more shade than sun).
And now the final requirement that I don't know about - Area is at a
bottom of a slope. There is a small spring in the hill that dumps out
in this area. The soil in this area is ALWAYS (except for maybe a few
weeks in the middle of the summer) very, very wet. For example, the
the raw part of the property in this area, skunk weed grows. I
transplanted a hydrangea (yes, not an evergreen) there that I got for
free and it died. I put some other type of bushlike tree there (also
got it for free) there and it died also.
I have some rhododendrons there and some are fine, but some are one
their way out. I have one other evergreen bush there that does great
(don't know what it is), but want to get something different in there
for some variety.
I have since realized that next time when I do plant something there I
will dig the hole extra large and make sure I put in a type of soil
mixture that drains extra well. I am sure this will help but I still
want to put species down in that area that don't mind too much that
their roots might be wet all the time.
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Jess, Perhaps a good option for your situation is Astilboides tabularis, an evergreen that reaches 4.5' high and takes partial shade as well as damp soil. Jadene
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