Homelite 454SP wont start

Hi, i bought a graded petrol mower about 3 years ago and it now wont
start. I am a novicewhen it comes to these things so have tried obvious
things like petrol, and spark plug but not sure what to do now. I have
rang a couple of repair shops and they are saying 'engine service' and
quoting around £80 inc parts, vat etc. I only paid £100 ish for it so
doesnt seem worth it. Although a novice im happy to have a go, just need
some advice...i dont have a manual at moment although i have emailed
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When I had a similar problem I called my local Seddon centre - they wer really good about offering me help over the phone. Eventually I had t take it in to them in order for a new part to be found by they wer really helpful. To find your nearest centre I think you can use thei new website 'Honda Lawn Mowers, Honda Generators, Pressure Washers Water Pumps, Engines, STIHL UK'
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and tha should give you relevant phone numbers. Hope this helps
-- floss2205
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