Ants in my lawn

I have had ants in my lawn for several years now. I have tried lots of
different products including this year Nemasys Ant Killer Nematodes - No
Ants. This last product has been the best so far, but it works out
expensive as you need to reapply it at regular intervals. We have also
been visited since we've had the ants by a gorgeous woodpecker, but
he/she makes rather large holes in the lawn and doesn't manage to eat
them all up - lol! The ant hills are worst when the lawn is long rather
than just after a cutting, but that's when you see the ant hills most of
all. Any suggestions?
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I meant helpful suggestions - I know what happens when I spill petrol onto the lawn when filling the lawnmower - what's the use of having a lawn when you end up with none? The next thing you'll be suggesting is having an artificial lawn. No, please don't go down that road. I know you're going to say I haven't a sense of humour - I have - but I am trying to get some positive advice, not just be entertained!
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I buy stuff that foams and you spray with a 9 inch straw into the nest and hold for a few seconds. The foam gets into the passages of the ant nest and kills the population with very little effect on the lawns root system.
This is one of the foam products. It may only be available in Canada, I dunno. it's really pricey but effective.
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The Henchman
is, I don't know where the ant nest is. All I have are about 30-4 anthills in my lawn. Still, I could try spraying the stuff on all o them and see what happens. Many thanks for the helpful suggestion
-- thornyrose
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