Killing moisture ants potentially under a slab?

So I basically have a recurring problem of swarming Moisture ants every Fall. I have a pest company come out to treat it every time I see them, but the treatments don't seem very effective.
I am wondering if others have had the same problem before.
Basics: Live at the bottom of a hill, so I am sure the ground underneath the house tends to be wet and I am told the drainage is fine, but seeing that we keep having these issues I somewhat doubt it.
I am not 100% we don't have leaks, but there's been no evidence we've had any leaks.
We have a split-level house, the bottom level always seems to have ant swarms, only during the fall. We don't have ant problems seemingly at any other time of the year, it just seems that swarm season is the time of the year we actually see the winged reproductives and occasional workers. The ants seem to be coming from the South side of the house, and only on the bottom level where the slab is. There's carpet over the slab, so it's hard to know exactly where the ants are coming from. It seems to be 3 separate places.
1.) Near the gas fireplace.
2.) Near the back door.
3.) Near the opposite corner to the gas fireplace.
We've had several nests found and removed, but we can't seem to get rid of all these ants. Initially we saw future queens running around on the floor. Now it seems we just get the small male reproductive ants and some workers swarming. It's definitely creepy to see the ants moving around in the corners, but so far it's not horrible. I just want this problem to go away!
Any advice or help on the matter?
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Well, they sound like they could be termites looking for a warmer winter home. If Pest Control is just spraying inside the house, then you need a new Pest Controller that puts baits out and into the yard to track where they're coming from. Then, the "ants" can be found and wiped-out forever.
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