Experience, opinions on Poulan and Ryobi electric pole saws from Home Depot, Lowes?

There's a Poulan 10" pole at Lowes and Ryobi 9" pole saw at Home
Depot. Both about the same price.
The Ryobi
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motor on the Poulan looks beefier to me, the Ryobi is sleeker,
maybe easier to maneuver? Any experience/opinions re: these units?
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With the price being the same you probably won't notice any difference in normal use, however I prefer Poulan products over Ryobi.
These 'chain saws on a stick' are only for light duty use, normally for limbs 2" or less, so they don't get used/abused like normal chain saws. On mine the oiler failed soon after I started using it so I just manually oil the chain & bar before use. Been doing that for 5 years now and still have the same chain & bar. Fully extended it does seem a little top heavy & awkward so you have to be careful with it. Also, when trimming limbs always make your 1st cut on the bottom then finish cutting from the top down. This keeps the bark from peeling back to the tree trunk. Just don't cut too deep from the bottom - nothing worse than getting the saw pinched in a limb 10' over your head.
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