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In an earlier thread you were asking what the elctrical rates were down here.....
well all I can say is FUBAR
First there's the 'baseline'. two homes, side by side. one is all gas, furnace, h2o htr, stove, dryer, yada yada. other is all electric or just gas furnace. two completely different 'baselines'.
summer baseline for all gas homes is 296 kwh. Aug bill was for 1388 kwh, a reduction of 27 kw over last year, and this yr was a lot hotter a lot longer.
tier structure for anything over baselines. one tier per Generation facility, most ppl have 2 generation facilities on their bills, each with different tiers.
DWR Generation baseline= $0.10369 kwh Max tier rate for DWR = $0.10369 kwh
SCE Generation baseline= $0.03073 kwh Max tier rate for SCE = $.29749 kwh yeah thats right, 30 fucking cents per kwh Aug bill had 602 kwh at the max SCE tier rate.
now add DELIVERY charges, on a friggin tier structure also.
Here's the breakout:
DWR Generation SCE Generation Ongoing CTC (dunno what this is) DWR Bond Charge Transmission charges Distribution charges Nuclear decommissioning charges Public purpose program charges (prolly funds energy rebates paid to contractors & consumers) Trust Transfer Amount Taxes & Other
bottom line, for 1388 kwh bill was $364 and change.
can you say FUBAR?
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