Outside AC condenser unit

Smelled wires burning inside home for 2 weeks , not located by any professional
, wires going into the outside unit found melted going to the compressor , can I
just replace the melted wires with # 14 wire ? And did it burn the contact
switch ? Need help today ! Also turning off the outside disconnect enough or do
I need to cut power at the breaker box as well ?
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Stuck in heat
Stuck in heat writes:
First task - determine _WHY_.
Who knows?
Look up "electrician" in the yellow pages.
If you have to ask....
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Scott Lurndal
"Stuck in heat" wrote in message news:mLvnD.310069$ snipped-for-privacy@fx31.am...
This is a dangerous situation. Wires are not supposed to melt, in a proper wiring setup a circuit breaker or fuse should blow first.
Get an electrician to determine the cause problem and only then fix the problem.
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