AC outside unit trigger wire

I need some help.
My sister in law got into the two wires (red and white) that trigger the
condenser unit to run. My mother in law had a repairman out during the
winter. He disconnected the trigger wires from the inside unit.
Now, I hope to run new wiring (inside some conduit) from inside to outside,
but I don't know where to attach the two wires. I called the company that
did it, but they want to charge to come reconnect those wires.
What I can see, inside there are four wires coming from the thermostat. A
red, white, yellow, green. They attach to a printed circuit board. Does
the red n white from inside also attach to the outside? Or maybe, I need to
take the cover off of the circuit board and there are more terminals there?
This is a very old carrier crusader, venting from the side.
Thanks for any help
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Look on the board for terminals marked "Y" and "C" and attach them along with whatever other wires may be there
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On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:43:55 -0400, "Scott" wrote:
What you call the "trigger wires" are most likely the low voltage wires that go to the contactor (hi-voltage relay) in the condensor unit and activate the condensor motor and outside blower when your system calls for air conditioning. Their proper destination is on the logic board in your air handler unit. Your 4 wire thermostat will also go to your air handler unit. To know where each wire goes, you are going to need a wiring diagram of your air handler unit. Different systems have different connection schemes. Often there will be a driver relay on the air handler board so there is no direct interface between the thermostat and the contactor relay circuit.
Best to call a qualfied repair person to reconnect this stuff. You can be killed or injured if you don't know what you are doing.
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