outside AC unit Screeching

My 20 year old outside unit was screeching this evening. This happened
once before a few weeks back. At that time it stopped on its own.
Tonight I eventually turned off the AC after a minute or so of the
noise. There is a slight mechanical burning smell at the unit itself.
There is nothing inside blocking and it is turning but entirely too
painful sounding to leave on.
Are there things to try before calling someone out?
Any help with be greatly appreciated.
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Condenser fan motor bearings are bad. About a $100 part. The smell is from the motor overheating because the fan blade is slowed down.
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Richard J Kinch
Maybe you mean bearings? Which, most modern outdoor condenser motors are sealed and may not provide oil passage's for oiling.
If your condenser is over 10 years old, it is likely time for a new motor. Call your friendly neighborhood air conditioning repair guy...
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Thanks for the catch. Bearings, it is. Mithpellers of the world, untie!
I've oiled some motors that weren't really designed to be oiled. But, however, some worked and some didn't. I've also had to hand fashion a fan for a piece of equipment when needed.
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Stormin Mormon

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