lennox plus

i have a lennox plus furnace i gotted used. i put it in my basement at my house. hooooey was that a choar. heavy. one of the hard parts was getting the rite size stove pipe for it. but that ol muellar i had wasn't working too good so i decided i would repace it. the plus works pretty good ceptin sometimes it makes that rattlin sound then stops. i found that blue box in there and taped on it and it worked good for a little while. than it would juust make that rattlin sound then stop again. i took the box apart and found the green plate thingy had a lose wire in it. the wire has a funny lookin glob of colord plastic on it about 1/4 inch long and about as big as a pencel lead. can i just put some of that jb weld stuff on it? i would think that would hold it. heck, i had a part of my steering linkage on my truck brake and i put some jb weld on it and it has held up fine for over 2 months. shows its strong enuogh. i also used some on the gas pipe that was leeking a little. my naiber says i should call one of those heating plumbers but i think i can save a bunch of money by doing it myself. can some of you good peeople help a frugal howeowner.
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