April specials - tool blow out

I've been working so hard on stuff for April specials I completely forgot about March. Not to worry I'll make it up in April.
Some of the big names I'll be pricing below wholesale:
Nationwide Global® - tools from the around the block Snap-off® - bolts watch out Boosters® - we got them all Lickers® - clean windows are just the start; think about the immaculate capacitors! Twisters® - straightens out problems No-Result® - testers beyond compare Majik Pencil® - calculates the invoice No Pressure® - relax while using these gauges No Way® - this scale works with Majik Pencil® to quickly arrive at the high side charge. Tak-a-guess® - troubleshooting software No Load® - entry level software Rule 'O Thumb® - more advanced software Gud Guess® - highest level software Charge'm® - not what you think Filter Fun® - all filters filtered through TCE so they are clean and fresh Arc-M® - paper tape tested to withstand at least 24 volts if dry Sparky® - jumper leads and door switch neutralizers My Price Iz® - works Internet deals while you surf Powr dwn® - copper pipe fuses Hosed again® - special grade hoses Pee Pee® - a urine based coil cleaner Piss on it® - specialized Pee Pee® applicator Molson® - helps produce Pee Pee® and increase it's strength and durability Soder/Braze® - use like epoxy; because it is. Requires no heat and made by the same dudes with the initials JB Torq'em/Tight'em® - torque wrench set to 172 lb/ft to keep enclosures from vibrating. Works good on nutz too. Numb-Nutz® - special blend of gases to freeze your nutz off Rotten Egz® - methane gaz detektor Crotch Off® - nether region sniffer for CO Exchange This!® - heat exchanger patch with low sulfur content and extra filtration from a deluxe blend of Filter Fun® and added TCE. Note: MUST be externally applied with a temperature point of at least a blue flamer. Yellow Pagez® - advertising that pisses on you Money$$Rola® - cell phones that have a dial through to Zimbabwe and pay you every month just by customers calling Bright Idea® - newest management techniques personified Not Today!® - job scheduling software Taze-sore® - morale building and accounts payable appliance KA-KA® - a low odor, corn & peanut count sealer EPA® - Extra Productive Activity - helps employees and owners vent Partz Pro® - s/w that replaces the counter guy that knows what's up but is always at lunch New Guy® - figures out which Pinto wagon has the most wear and used parts and sends he/she out on their own Jamb Repair® - when one must break in to fix the hot call and the lock picks be back at the trailer. TAX® - Totally Allowable X-emptions - show to your accountant to justify your bubble gum and chrome wheel expenses - to name a few
I realize this is a small list of what I've got but you are welcome to suggest new brands and products as I will try to satisfy your needs.
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