pros and cons of tankless gas hot water heaters

usually only one person household, company on occasions. have 2 full baths, washing machine and dishwasher, but small usage on dishwasher. what are benefits of tankless? are they more energy/cost efficient? problems with installation or maintenance? mine would be gas heater, as that is what my furnace is. any references on brands or companies that install (Garner NC area)?
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No, a gas setup would be more like getting a replacement regular water heater. The only difference would be that the exhaust and air intake setup would need to be fully re-piped or ducted. Otherwise, a tankless would work great for you and would likely drop your gas bill by 20% or more. Not an immediate payback, of course, but still pretty quick. There really isn't a downside for a gas setup, if you choose a robust model to start with.
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