starting circuit of 16 kw standby generac generator

Tried to start my 16 kw generac generator (item 52440) today (outside temp 37 degrees) after
having the system down for many weeks (breaker in the house was off).
It turned over for about 15 seconds and then I saw smoke coming from the box under the start switch.
I assume I should have turned on the breaker inside the house and waited for a length of time before trying to start the system.
Now I need to ascertain what components smoked. Anyone have a diagram I could use to checkout what components
need to be replaced?? Any insights as to probable component that smoked???
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I had the same problem. After having several weeks of below zero days and nights, I noticed my 7000KW was not testing. Changed the battery and nothing. It started to crank but then saw smoke coming from a small cylinder above the engine (the electric starter I later find out). Had a Generac repair man come (for $96 service call) and told him what happened. He took his screwdriver, turned it over and hit the cylinder about 6 times with the handle. It started right up. He said that the cold will turn the lubricant to gel in the starter. I had him replace the starter anyway. Hope it helps
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