Old Homelite 2500 watt portable generator

I found a homelite 2500 watt portable generator under boxes and trunks int he basement. Relatives tell me it was won in a raffle, started and run for a few minutes and then left (for the intervening 12 years or so in bsement, never touched). I decided to try to give it life and when I turned it on its side to drain the oil what came out was a thin watery straw colored fluid with thick curds of white material occasionally plopping out into the drain pan.

My question is what happened to the oil and does it suggest that there is damage to the engine and I should terminate my project?
Thanks for any information.
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Really bad oil. That's sludge. Change  oil and filter, run till oil is hot and change again. You may want to run engine cleaner through it also. Hope this helps.
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