OT: brown recluse pics

I wanted to thank you Tomkanpa for sending me those graphic and slightly horrific pictures of the man's hand where he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I kept it, showed it to my son who lives in the "cave" downstairs where his younger brother used to sleep, and now he keeps the lights on and shakes and stomps things he's left lying about. But particularly thanks because today my former sister in law who has rediscovered me recently thru the computer and the marvels of the internet (haven't heard from her in about 30 years.............) she sent a sort of prayer request for healing because of some places that are appearing on her leg. Then mentioned she'd been bitten by a brown recluse spider. After reading her account and telling me she "picked the slowly healing scab off the recluse bite and applied hydrogen peroxide to the wound" I knew in an instant that the recluse bite she thought she had wasn't such. The scab she was able to pick would have been of monumental proportions, and I looked up your post in my inbox, fowarded it to her with warnings it was a bit graphic and gave her my blessings. Thanks for sending it, really. It made me more cautious around here since I haven't had the money to pay my bug man to treat my house this year.........(wet summer, dark unused places downstairs, perfect conditions to breed the little bastages) madgardener
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