Crazy idea? Connecting my pool drain to my sprinkler system?

OK I have the pool drain that is a 2" pipe and it drains into my back yard right now. When I drain it basically my back yard floods to about an inch or two in depth and the water receds after an hour or so. I usually drain the pool once a week especially when it rains a lot in Miami during the summer, the pool gets too filled up.
I am toying with the idea of connecting my pool pipe to the sprinkler line. The two pipes are the same size (2" PVC pipe) and they are only 2 feet apart in one spot.
My sprinkler system is being pressurized by a pump drawing water from a well and it has two zones.
My pool line is being pressurized by a normal pool pump (1/2 HP I think). Where the pool drain line and the sprinkler line come very close together, is actually about the mid point on the sprinkler line. So theoretically if I connect them and put a valve between them, once I open the valve, the pool pump will be pumping water back to the pool AND pumping the sprinker line.
I wonder if the water will drain too slow this way, and whether there will be pool water forced back into the sprinkler pump on the other end (but that does not matter right?) I am not concerned about the chlorine because when I drain the pool now it's emptying into the yard anyways, but this will make it more evenly distributed and will reach over a much larger area.
Stupid idea or worth a shot?
Thanks in advance,
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