The cord from my garage door opener to the outlet on the garage ceiling is 2 inches too short. What can I do?

I would use a very short  extension cord instead of messing with the outlet.  They sell 1' 3-prong (with ground) shorties in places like BestBuy and such and the length of the cable they add is negligible. Be sure to secure the connection between the opener's own cord and the short extension by holding both cables together (not too tight) and placing a plastic tie-wrap around both so they cannot disconnect. 
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The manual says not to use an extension cord. Can I use a surge protector instead? Can I loosen the screws on the outlet so the outlet will hang down a few more inches?
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New Home Owner
Homeowners often need to use extension cords to extend circuits to the places they need to use many different types of power tools. These power tools are in need of varying amounts of power to run them.
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