Sweet Peppers

Here it is November 27th and we just picked about half a five-gallon bucket of sweet peppers. Temps yesterday were mid-seventies and it will probably be that temp again.
We have three pepper plants still producing and one of them has been producing for well over two years now. The fruit aren't big but prolific. We chop a lot and vacuum pack for later use and the rest go to the church poor pantry. Yesterday my wife dug up a five-gallon bucket of modest sized sweet potatoes at the church garden. Sorted, washed them, took them to church this morning. We picked out little mess of sweet taters yesterday also, got about six three inch diameter taters and will have them tomorrow with our evening meal.
Our extended family is having our Turkey Day meal at our daughter's house. It's going to be noisy with sixteen people there in a small house but it will certainly be warm and lots of good food. Seems everyone in the family, with minor exceptions, are good cooks. Me, I'm not taking anything but an appetite. <G> We do holidays not on THE holiday for a reason, everyone but us works, even on holidays sometimes plus we have four spousal units, male and female, in the group who also want to spend holidays with their original family. Works for us and I'm so happy I have so many descendants who are good cooks.
We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting ready now for Christmas.
George, Miz Anne, and Tilly Dawg
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