Stevia Rebaundia seed storage

I'm learning that search engines are out to sell me stuff; not to help
me find things...
(rant over. for now)
I'm trying to find out if Stevia seed can be stored, well dried and
sealed, in the freezer. I know it's fairly short-lived and spotty on
germination. We grew it several years ago; a few plants provide more
dried and ground leaves than the sweetest tooth could need, but now to
try again with online purchased seed.
Did I mention that I'm ....erm... economical?
Many thanks,
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Gary Woods
  I prefer "frugal" ... we are too . I don't know anything about stevia but in general seed that is stored frozen maintains a higher percentage of viable seeds .
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Terry Coombs
i'm out of the loop with this plant. i don't even know if it is an annual or perennial or what...

no luck with rooting cuttings and keeping them indoors for the winter?
(and did you move to the UK? or why the crosspost?)
if i were a grower i'd be happy to send you a few rooted plants in the mail once it warmed up a bit (take the dirt off the roots, wrap in moist paper towel, put in plastic bag then envelope, many small plants will survive the trip if they're not frozen).
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On Sun, 17 Feb 2019 09:07:02 -0500, songbird wrote:
Haven't tried overwintering cuttings, though I do that with Rosemary; it doesn't survive my winters. I normally lurk in the UK group, but they have a lot of expertise, so a good place to ask.
I got 1-count 'em, 1- seedling from some commercial seed; waiting on germination from seeds from another source (I'm nothing if not stubborn/exacting/obsessed) If I can't find anything else, I'll put part of the seeds I just got (if they germinate at all) well-sealed in the freezer just to see.
Thanks for the help, all! Currently 12F outside with bright sun.
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Gary Woods
Hi Gary,
No idea.
I am curious if home grown stevia has that saccharine/gasoline after taste?
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