Would you please re-post your vinegar weed killer recipe ? I'm trying
to kill off the remnants of the wild blackberries and some honeysuckle ,
plus a few just plain weeds . We finally gave up on the wild berries ,
they're small , not that sweet , and the thorns are like fighting a pack
of bobcats .
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Terry Coombs
Hi Terry,
In my 1 gallon pump spray canister, I add:
1 gallon of Walmart el-cheap-o white vinegar
2 big squirts of Seventh Generation Free and Clear (hand) dish washing soap.
Shake (or your tube will get clogged with soap)
Pump up the pressure
Smother the offender.
a) It does not work unless you have at least two hours left of sun light (not twilight)
b) the ground must be dry, or the plants will ignore the vinegar and gets their water from the soil
c) the 7th gen dish is the best insecticidal soap I have found. 15 second kill on squash bugs and earwigs. No fooling. The rest of the insecticidal soaps I have tried are jokes.
d) rise out your canister's spray gun with fresh water or your will loose your springs and any other steal parts
Let us know!
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You are most welcome.
Death to Dandelions!
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  Oh, I don't mind dandelions , the bees love 'em . Besides , we don't have a "lawn" , just some wild grasses here and there amongst the weeds and wild flowers . This is a clearing out in the woods y'know . Landscaping is not high on the priority list , however I need to make some decisions . We bought some bee-friendly shrubs yesterday (Weigela and Rose of Sharon) and I need to decide where to put them . I'm thinking a bee/hummingbird/butterfly garden spot somewhere near the house so we can watch . Probably not too close to the house on the south side so we can watch from the deck or window .
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Terry Coombs
?or window .
My dandelions like to grow in my ground pots. I think of them as nutrition thieves. And since they are so close to what I actually want to grow, I just pull and re-pull them out.
Right now I am waiting for the ground to dry out so I can pickle them a month or so before planting in my pots.
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It's just a matter of perspective - .. some people call dandilions "weeds" - .. I call them "pretty yellow lawn flowers" ! and yes - the bees do indeed love them. and you can learn to love them too - if you just think about it for a minute. John T.
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