Pick pick pick !

  Strawberries , that is . With today's haul we have enough for a batch
of jam ... half pints are in the dishwasher , berries are on the counter
ready to cap-n-smash .In addition , the corn is coming up nicely , I
will have to reseed a couple of spots though . Taters are boomin' , got
them hilled up nicely and mulched heavily with straw . I'm seeing a few
beans sprouting (blue lake bush) and the bunching onions are mostly up
now . The tomatoes got the cardboard then straw mulch treatment , trying
to prevent soil splashing on them to help prevent blight problems . And
yesterday I saw some of the beets have come up too . It's been a cool
wet spring , I feel like I'm behind - but I'm not really , summer's here
are pretty long and I won't worry about frost until early October .
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Terry Coombs
Our garden is doing well but we've had too much rain here in Maryland to ge t out and weed properly. The front lawn is getting near the point where I c an bale it for the sheep to eat next winter.
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  Straight to the compost heap ... luckily we've had enough breaks in the rain for me to get things done as needed . I guess I oughta get the vine stuff set out ...
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Terry Coombs
sounds good to me. :)
strawberries are just starting to bloom here. i'm hoping no more hard frosts, but we could still get a few.
i am behind in some places, but that is because i'm trying to get the fencing put up before the lilacs and honeysuckles bloom and it's been raining quite a bit. most the important stuff is done well enough for now. just whatever extra gardens i can get ready before planting the warm season crops is nice to have done.
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Lovely lettuce here, mostly Tom Thumb, New Red Fire, and Summertime. The basic materials for dinner salads.
Snap peas are growing like gangbusters, but no visible blossoms yet. First planting of Blue Lake Bush Bean seeds was a bust, so replanted a few days ago.
Broccoli was the only thing I didn't plant myself from seed, and it too was a bust. It is all going to seed stalks rather than forming nice, big heads. It's the first time I've ever had that happen.
Lots of onions coming up, both from sets and seed starts.
Four tomato plants are in pots on the deck with a half-dozen more to go out into the garden beds this weekend, weather permitting.
The blueberry bushes have already blossomed and two of the older plants are covered in tiny green blueberries to be.
Too much rain here and a portion of the backyard is mud with grass on top. Can't get either the rider or push mower through it, so I keep hoping for a dry spell.
More work to do!
Nyssa, who has a couple of new tricks up her sleeve in case the deer return this summer
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