odds and ends

planted the green and red peppers yesterday and put six buckets of worms and worm castings under them. usually i don't put any extra food down for pepper plants in rotation because they've always done well for us here on second or even third season after i put the worms in.
we've had rains last night and today. this morning when looking out the window i saw some sort of debris on the road at the end of the driveway but didn't think much of it because of the farm equipment that moves around and can drop stuff on the roads.
i split the natives of one worm bin so now i have two bins of natives to keep on growing. i also had the other five buckets from what i took out to the gardens and brought back in each a scoop of garden soil to give the worms some grit. then i restarted a few of the other buckets with worms from the extra large bin i keep as a spare just in case i need some. that starts drawing down that population too so i can recharge that soil and organic material when i get the remaining buckets put out this week.
i get done doing that, listen to some music, read a book for a bit, putter around with the computer, and eventually Ma comes back from doing her stuff out and she says we have a dead critter in the road. of course this means, "Deal with it."
turns out it was a good sized wild turkey. it had started to sprinkle so i figured i better get out there and get it picked up and buried before it started to really stink. heavy critter. RIP Mr Turkey a few moments of silence and a quick study of the claws and the head. quite impressive. the worms out there were looking good as i buried it down deep. i said my apologies to the night crawler i disturbed.
we usually don't have wild turkeys that come very close to the house so it was a very odd end for that bird. we didn't hear any noise last night or this morning from the incident. an odd end indeed...
more planting still to go this week and probably for another week or two later. also the strawberries are starting to ripen so i'll have to spend some time picking and checking the patches. at least i'm not dealing with a broken hand this season, but i do have to remember for next year to get some more planting done a week or two earlier.
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