Red or Green Bell Peppers?

I recently bought some red and green bell peppers. I can't believe how much
they are costing, about $2 each. So I decided to take seeds from each and
try to grow some of my own. I took many seeds out of a green pepper and many
from a red pepper. I had the separate. I let them dry out for about a week.
Then I planet 6 seeds of red in a planter, and 6 green in a separate
planter. A few days later each of one set, or six plants are growing.
However, the other set, not one started. I lost track of which planter had
which set of seeds. At this point I'll just have to wait and see whether I
got green or red. Any predictions?
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Assuming the plants that produced the peppers you bought weren't cross-pollinated by insects, they'll produce the same variety that the seeds came from. The chances of that are probably slim, at best.
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Eggs Zachtly
Sorry, red and green peppers are the same thing. Green are not ripe, red are ripe. If they are hybrid peppers you may not get the same variety.
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like the guy said, there's not that much difference between the varieties, and your growing conditions affect them too. so, pick one pepper from any plant when it's full size but still green; if it tastes like it's not ripe yet leave the rest of them on the plant a while longer and try again. if you leave them until they finally turn red, then pick them. they might not taste ripe even then, though. such is life in the garden.
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The seeds came from the red one, as green bell peppers turn red when they ripen.
The seeds from the green one weren't mature enough to sprout,
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Dave Balderstone

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