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I have discovered gardening through my efforts to get parents, in retirement community, going on container gardening.
First off, tomatoes. We bought the oddest looking tomatoe plants at Walmart-they were short squat wide with stems like tree trunks. They are doing fantastic and survived some reaaally cold nights when they shouldnt have been left outdoors. A tomato ?bud? has formed already and we are still in a possible frost scenario here.
Next, radishes. I bought some of those peat pellets and am attempting to germinate radish seeds. I am afraid the 3 seeds per pellet ended up 6 seeds so it may fail.
We are using white wastebaskets ($2) from Dollar General for the tomatoes because they are deep and look so nice coordinated to the white pvc patio framing :-) I walked around in Home Depot the other day and would love to try to create a pvc garden sculpture!
During the downsizing most of the gardening equipment went before realizing some of it should have been hung on to. I bought a nice Craftsman ss spade w ergo. handle at Kmart for $3.49 on sale, and went with Martha's seeds from Kmart.
Now my sweet corn questions :-) It is not feasible to put in long rows of corn in the communal garden area. More for the thought that counts I wanted to do a 4ft square patch of corn just so they would have a few stalks. I purchased silver queen sweet corn seed. How loose is loose soil-and just loose underneath the seed or all around also? What do sweet corn roots do? It says 2inches of fine soil on top of the seed-I was going to use potting mix on top. Also, and this is going to be really dumb, is there a top and bottom to a corn seed and which part goes down? Some of you talk about soaking-doesnt mention that on the package. Last, there is a seed corn field nearby-is that going to cause a problem?
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