My cherry tomatoes finally started to come ripe

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They taste so good your eyes roll in your head!
Now to catch the TTD (Tomato Thieving Bunny). I am
suspicious that she is in league with my wife. Maybe
they one and the same? I gots lots of bait now!
Never managed to catch her last year.
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T wrote:
i've been eating more tomatoes this past few months. so far so good. a real BLT is divine!
will have to can tomatoes tonight.
last week i had to pick off a few tomato worms. like many things they are a bit late this year. i was thinking we'd avoided them.
picking beans and weeding, the temperatures have been perfect the past few days and look to be pretty reasonable the rest of the week. some rain in the forecast. also been nice to have regular rains so i don't have to water.
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Many years ago, I thought that cherry tomatoes were a dumb idea - - too small for anything I did wth a tomato < sandwich or burger > .. somewhere along the line, I started liking them .. .. now I think they're candy ! grab 4 or 5 off the vine when walking by .. " roll your eyes " Good one ! John T.
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about 5 years ago i started getting a rash when i ate tomatoes so i stopped eating them for a few years. the past two years i've gradually added them back to my diet and so far no rashes.
we used to grow a few cherry tomato plants each year but then we could not keep up with eating them or giving them away and so when i stopped eating tomatoes we stopped growing cherry tomatoes.
i used to eat a quart of them when picking - like you say - like candy. sweet 100s were aptly named. that was what Mom wanted to grow. she didn't like some others we'd grown.
one time as an experiment i canned juice from them alone and found out later that it didn't really have the flavor i was hoping for. they lack what the beefsteaks we grow have the right balance of flavor and they make excellent tomato juice.
now though we mostly just put up chunks. i'm sure there are other cherry tomatoes that may work out better but some times i cannot convince Mom to grow different things and that is ok too as i can work around it.
i'll be busy tonight putting up chunks as we are going to go out and pick tomatoes when Mom wakes up from her nap.
perfect day out there. :)
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My wife splits cherry tomatoes and puts them on top of pizza. Very tasty but they stay hot a lot longer than the rest of the pizza.
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