greenhouse starts are in

in the ground. and we might even get some
rain in a few minutes. had a short squall a
few minutes ago, then a rainbow, now back to
waiting for the rain, if it gets here. ...
yep, it's gonna get here. :)
now all i have left to plant is beets,
beans, peas and squash and whatever else
i want to do.
the lima beans are up and growin'.
it is also nice to have a few more square
feet of space in my room here on the floor.
i took 6 buckets of worms out to put in the
gardens and only brought a handful back in.
i'm downsizing my worm farm to ten containers.
the rest of the worm buckets i use outside
will go into the ancient tulip gardens that
could use a bit of a nutrient and worm boost.
songbird (ok, time to shut this down for
a few minutes
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