Blessed rain

We're getting a light drizzle of rain at this moment and I'm happy to
see it. If the weather heads are correct this should go on the rest of
the week. It's been awhile since we had a decent soaking rain. A couple
of down pours hit us about five minutes on a couple of days this past
week and that helped some but a good drizzle is much better.
Gardens are doing their job, picking tomatoes, cukes, sweet chilies,
bunching onions and the kumquat tree is full of flowers. The spring
lettuce is going crazy and will be pulled and composted soon. The squash
in our garden is blooming but no fruit as yet. May not be any
pollinators around just yet.
Grass needs mowing front and back but it's to wet to do so at this time.
Spent a little time pulling weeds and other things out of the grass in
the back, the front yard had turned mostly brown due to lack of rain but
appears to be perking up now.
Pear tree is looking good and we have discovered at least three fruit on
it after it was defoliated by the January freezes. That's okay as we had
a bumper crop last year.
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George Shirley
We've been getting some intermittent rain ... too bad some of it is of the frog-strangler variety . Some slow soaking rains though , and my garden is loving it . The field peas and okra are doing well , the 'maters and peppers maybe not so much . I suspect that once they (the m's and p's) get well rooted they'll explode .
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Terry Coombs
Well, late this afternoon the rain came back, with a vengeance. About two inches in a couple of hours. I hope a good bit of it soaked in.
Our property is so small, 6500 square feet with a 1960 square foot house on it plus a 12X12 shed and a lot of rules that say we can't do most anything. Last home was a 14,000 square foot property with an 1860 square foot house and a 12X12 shed and lots of trees. Plus, instead of being on fill of five feet of clay with a few inches of sand, we had a house there on top of ancient sand dune. I dug holes three and four feet deep and never ran into the sand dune, just lots of really good dirt from eons of leaves, grass, etc. dying and making heaven for us.
Of course, we're in our late seventies now and I'm not to sure we could handle a large property. How the mighty have fallen, first married lived on 10 acres, had cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and a one acre pond full of fish of all sorts. I reckon we are doing okay for two old gardeners who used to be farmers. Plus I'm now handicapped from strokes several years ago but I can still garden a bit.
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George Shirley

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