Green mulch

  My wife has seen others do this , and has suggested I try it . I'm
looking for suggestions for something to plant this fall with the
intention of turning it under in the spring . I'm currently taking some
time to pre-prep the garden for next year - the purchase of a rear tine
tiller has affected my decision . The only thing concrete is where the
strawberries will be - they ain't movin' . Everything else will be
turned under and planted with something , except a small patch which
will be planted in garlic . The current wire trellis (for beans) will be
pulled out and relocated - if I use it at all next year .
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Terry Coombs
Most folks here (western NC) plant winter rye this time of year, then mow i t and turn it under in the spring.
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winter wheat or winter rye (the grains) will work for that. :)
any green cover crop that will sprout quickly (radish, turnips, field peas, etc.) can help but those that live through the cold and can grow even in cooler temperatures are the nicest to look at.
you just have to be sure to get them turned under soon enough to allow them to decompose enough before you get to planting your following crops.
some people wait too long and that can impact there later plantings.
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