Got me a mystery plant

Hi All,
I just got back in from watering the children. I got me
a mystery plant. It is one of those 1/2 price, late in
the season close out plants (they can grow at the store
or in my garden, I don't care).
The tag said "lemon cucumber". I seems to love my ground
pots, so I picked up three more at 1/2 price. Then
I started to have a good look. The first one had leaves
four times the size of the other three, and it had a
very zuke looking flower on it. HMMMMMMMMM. It will
be fun to see what it really is when it fruits.
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They grow lemon shaped cucumbers vs. the long slender type cukes. I guess they were tasty enough. LOL I'm thinking, if my memory serves me, the flavor wasn't bitter and the ones we harvested were very crunchy, too.
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T wrote: ...
people sometimes don't know what they're doing and give plants the wrong tags or they plant the wrong seeds or even people when they shop mixing up tags.
mom brought home "lemon thyme" last summer but it sure wasn't that as i know what that looks/smells like. doesn't matter, it was freeish...
enjoy! :)
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I managed to get a few two years ago. They are incredibly good eating. last year's all failed. I just eat them straight. I can't bear to mix them with other stuff. They have small stickers that rub right off.
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I've got a couple of different cucumbers planted thus far, and the hot weather is making them grow like crazy. Lots of blooms right now, and my climbing lima beans have gone weed-like crazy, too! I'm seeing blooms on them, so, hopefully I'll get some pods. The last time I grew climbing limas I ended up just eating the raw beans right out of the pods!
I've got 3 other type climbing peas/beans and I'm just letting them go nuts. Who knows, it may be my best crop yet! lol
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My field peas are starting to run , the cukes/zukes/squashes are all going nutz with blossoms . Too bad they're all male flowers ... 'maters are starting to set fruit now too , it won't be long until the Mrs. and I have some canning to do . Actually I prefer to freeze tomatoes whole in the skin , but freezer space is limited .
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Terry Coombs
Green beans did diddly this year, I suspect old seeds. Tomatoes are still putting out a few fruit as are the sweet peppers, All the greens died off a month ago as the heat rose. Our normal mid-day heat now is in the early nineties, varied by the cloud cover. This is full summer for Houston area.
We have been blessed with at least four inches of rain over the last few days and I just heard some thunder rolling so there may be more.
All we can do now is to think about what to plant for the fall.
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George Shirley
Same here! All I've seen on my cucumber vines so far are male blooms.
We've pulled some patio tomatoes off and on, but just one or two at a time so far. It's been so hot I haven't been going out there every day to check how the garden is doing. I was excited to actually see some bees going from bloom to bloom! A couple honey bees and a couple bumble type bees, too. I imagine they show up earlier in the day more than later in the day, tho. I usually end up going out there in the afternoon.
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