Good Year for Cabbage

We had a good year for cabbage so we made 32 pounds of sauerkraut yesterday afternoon.
It's been too hot to work in the garden here in the Baltimore area for the last few days, so we work in the early morning, then move back into the airconditioned living room for the afternoon.
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yum! love kraut. :) also fresh cabbage, or cooked cabbage. it's all good... do sheep like those scraps?
yeah, i was able to get out for a few hours the other day in the early morning to finish weeding a garden i started on last week. then i fed the weeds to the worm farm here in my room. :)
my lower back has been really pissy lately so i've been taking it easy and trying to let it recover a little (and my arm and knee still need more time before i get back to heavier projects).
have to go out and water shortly and then the rest of the day i'll find something else to do.
AC really spoils me for working in the summer. i get a lot less done now than before. the less i can acclimate to the heat the less i want to go out and do things in it. before i'd just sweat and drink a lot of water.
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