Have unearthed a quantity of garlic in a corner of the garden, which is
sprouting. The roots are very long and was thinking that if I trim the
roots back, like leeks, would they still grow after planting?
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I never heard of trimming garlic roots but roots or no roots they should grow after planting. Best to keep as much of the root as you can though!
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Are you sure it is garlic? Normally garlic doesn't have long roots.
I would just replant them and let them go until the tops have died back( Normally July here in Kansas). I wouldn't worry about the roots being too long. Then I dig them up, clean them off, let them set (not in the sun) where the air can get to them for 10 days or so to cure. Then I cut the tops off except for the last 3 or 4 inches above the ball and store them in a cool room (not the fridge) until the end of August or first of September. Then I break a few of the balls apart, plant the larger cloves, and use the smaller ones. Then wait for next summer and do it all over again.
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