eating wildflowers?

When I was surfing the Internet I came across a unusual topic about
cooking. It was about preparing dishes with use of wild flowers from our
gardens that many people think as weeds. Of course, not all of them are
tasty and safe; however, many of them are edible so we should be more
aware of what we are dropping out! Look what kinds of plants I found
edible: sweet violet (both flower and leaves), carnelian (leaves) and
also dandelion! Have you ever eaten some of them? Or maybe you know
others that may be edible?
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I like reading this old book: Stalking The Wild Asparagus [Euell Gibbons]' Would give you a good feel for this.
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I used to teach a one day course on edibles. My main emphasis was on mushro oms, but one portion I called eat your weeds. Lots of edibles come up in my gard en every year. I really enjoy lamb's quarter, both raw and sautéed. It 's very like spinach. Wild amaranth (red root pigweed) is a tasty green as well as producing edible seeds. Then there's purslane, dandelion, garlic mu stard etc.... Do a little research, there's lots out there. Steve
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