Dec 26 gardening

it was so nice today when we were driving back that when we
got home i grabbed a quick snack and rested a few minutes and
then went out and weeded the North garden.
i think the area of it is about 1500 square feet. using the
stirrup hoe i could skim along even if it was very muddy. the
surface wasn't frozen, but down about 6 inches i was hitting
some hard spots where it was frozen (we've had several evenings
below zero and some days where the highs were 14F already).
it took me less than an hour to do a quick once over in that
patch mostly hoping to disturb the grasses that were growing
in there along with a lot of mouse eared chickweed. some of
the daffodils are already poking up some green leaves (not
there were a lot of deer tracks in this garden but there
wasn't much there for them to eat other than a few strawberry
plants. the comfrey has already died back. nothing else for
them there any more now that i have it weeded.
not bad for getting it done in just a hair less than an
hour. it felt good to work up a bit of a sweat and to
accomplish something, even if it doesn't really stop the
grass from growing it might at least give it a pause.
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