Dec 27th gardening

decided i could not let things be outside and the
weather was good enough to go back out.
the plan was to knock as much dirt off the weeds i'd
stirred up yesterday and add them to a new worm bucket
(bringing the total up to 13). after a while i realized
it wasn't going to go that quickly and it was a bit too
cold and the root balls were way too wet/muddy, so i
compromised and only did the lower part and part of the
other edge. keeping the lowest edge cleared of grass
and weeds will be a challenge enough but we'll see how
this all works out - and if it seems to be too much of
a problem i'll go back to smothering it - that does work
and it doesn't take that much time to do.
in the bottom of the worm bucket is shredded paper
and then a few weeks of banana peels, beans that didn't
make the edible cut, various fruit and vegetable scraps
and some pods from flower seeds i'd finally gotten
around to starting to get cleaned up/winnowed. the
grass, grass roots and other weeds went up top and in a
bit i'll open up a worm bin or two to raid for some
worms to put in there.
i have a lot more paper shredding scraps to process
this year so having another bucket to be able to work on
those will help get more of that done before this
coming planting season.
at times i have had enough paper shreddings to put
some of them in a garden, but i don't use them as mulch
as they can get blown around a bit more than i want.
they work fine when buried with weeds and other garden
debris. i never find them again unless there's been
some sort of accidental plastic shredded into them.
i've been a lot better on that account though the past
several years. *whew* saves a lot of time to not have
to pick bits of plastic out of a garden.
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