January 2 Gardening

I completed my first gardening project for 2020 this morning; I tilled the
old pumpkin patch. It was a tough job, as our garden is on a slight slope f
rom front to back and the tiller wheels kept slipping on the damp topsoil,
meaning that I had to help push the heavy tiller up the hill. Of course, go
ing back down was a bit easier as gravity was helping on those runs.
We have three sections in our garden, each about 25 feet across and 30 feet
deep. From left to right, for the past several years, we had 1, the pumpki
n patch, 2, Vegetable Left, and 3, Vegetable Right. My wife is going to mov
e the garden cloth path covers from the adjacent section, Vegetable Left, t
o the pumpkin patch and wanted the weeds tilled under before she did. I'll
get the center section as the pumpkin patch for a few years. We want to see
if the crop rotation has any impact on the yield.
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