and in other good news

the semi-feral kitty has been back. actually
i think it is a different one as it looks too
light in coloring.
yesterday when some friends stopped over (and
brought me some leaves and ashes :). the kitty
wandered up the driveway and checked out their
truck. usually i don't ever see it walking up
the drive at all (it sticks to the edges and
where there is cover). curious kitty...
we've had plenty of chipmunks running around
lately and i'm hoping it is able to get a few
before they hide in their dens for the winter.
Mom wants me to set traps, but i don't like to
do that. i'd much prefer this kitty eat them
if this cat is from the neighbor's place it
sure is coming a ways to hunt, but i think that
is actually a good sign in that we have a
functioning ecosystem. i'm not actually sure
where it is from and if it is feral or not.
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