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PEX Question
If I use a manifold system, can I eliminate individual shut off valves, like under the sink or at the toilet? Is the code man ok with that? What if I use the manifold for an area like one bathroom?...
10 years ago 11
Help identify expression
I've stumbled on the following expression: K' = 0.594*delta - 0.18*delta^2 + -0.2088 Does anyone know it comes from? Thanks in advance, Rui Maciel Rui Maciel wrote the following: Google does. Just...
10 years ago 1
insulating a cathedral ceiling
------------------------------------- I have 2x4 built roof trusts that a would like to cathedral out and was wondering how i would properly insulate. Any help would be nice. Ventilation is the main...
10 years ago 4
Plumbing Question
I'm roughing in the plumbing for my two story house before pouring the slab. The downstairs bathroom will have a toilet, laundry sink, clothes washer drain and shower. Everything drains to the 3" main...
10 years ago 1
Connecting footer rebar with slab rebar
Hi.I have a question about how rebar is supposed to connect in a monolithic slab.I want to put down a 16" grid of #4 rebar in the slab and connect it to a 18"wide x 24" deep there a diagram of this...
10 years ago 5
Questions about frost heave ?
This is one subject that I find impossible to understand. Although the theory about having a firm foundation to a point just below the frost line is clear, everywhere I look I see construction of...
10 years ago 5
Project Management Software
Dear All, I am doing my Master=92s research in the area of Construction Engineering and Management at Universiti Technologi Malaysia. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to...
10 years ago
Spring attached to gate
My neighbour had this spring put on the back garden gate by someone, to get it to be self-closing. is not enough compression on it to keep it completely closed and to stop it banging when the wind...
10 years ago 8
hauling concrete girders in Illinois (pictures)2007
should be of interest to the readers here... pictures of the concrete girders being hauled through Romeoville Illinois when they built the highway extension that connected I-355 to I-80 these girders...
10 years ago
Glass Staircase
I like surfing in net, that time i reach some new design of glass staircase dear friend i am sharing with you this new design of staircase Bharat wrote the following: It looks good. I have some...
10 years ago 2
What does MTS stand for?
I've stumbled a lot on the acronym MTS with respect to sample testing. Can anyone tell me what it stands for? Thanks in advance, Rui Maciel
10 years ago
Building a floor question?
Hello, If youare building a 14 x 14 platform can you use 2 x 4's for the joists, if the platform is sitting on a floor, and still put kitchen appliances on it? Would putting the joists closer than 1...
10 years ago 2
Electrical code question
I'm building a well house/shop. It is about 150' from where the main house will be. It will have a subpanel that will be fed from the main panel at the house. I will be running 6/3 with ground from...
10 years ago 15
Total Home Roofing & Contracting
Total Home Roofing & Contracting has been serving the North Atlanta area for over 10 years. We are fully licensed and insured. Our technicians are certified master craftsman and our crew are skilled...
10 years ago 1
Installing 46" TV on dry wall?
As you might understand, my sister has had a house built, and in the basement there's a dry wall, 3/8" or whatever the standard thickness for dry walls is (don't ask me, I am the electrician), and...
10 years ago 13