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My spartan kitchen just does not have enough cabinets. A relative gave me a
sink-type base cabinet that nearly matches those in the kitchen now. Of
course, it has no countertop. My plan is for that cabinet to replace the
roll around table/3shelves that the smallish microwave sets on now. The
location is adjacent to the stove I would also like to move hot pots from
the stove to the countertop.
To my dismay, they want a minmum order money amount to fill my request.
Ranges from 1.5K to 2K minimum amount. What I'm looking for is an off-white
granite countertop rounded 3 corners and a 4" high backsplash. 37" L X
There's a cabinet shop in town that I can go to for a standard countertop,
if I can't find what I'm looking for. Suggestions?
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Pour one out of concrete? I have seen it done, and worked on some concrete counter tops and they are pretty nice. They resemble granite in many ways...... jloomis
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The minimum charge is because they'll have to cut up a whole sheet of granite even if you only want a small piece.
You can ask about remnants, but the selection of colors will be much smaller. Also consider man-made products like Corian and Silestone--those can be made in any size.
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on 3/24/2009 8:56 AM (ET) Dioclese wrote the following:
Have you thought about 1' x 1' granite tile? It worked for me and I installed it myself.
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I needed a slab of granite to go under a woorburning stove. Called several "monumental masons" (UK name for the people who make head stones) and found one who would cut me the small piece I needed.
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Future son-in-law hooked me up. Was lucky to catch him not working yesterday evening. He called in a favor from one of his subs. Cost to me is zero.
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